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Dana Emilia Presents is a multi line showroom offering updated modern collections of  fine apparel for women who understand what it means to dress well.  From simple sophistication to clever hand detailing, each line has it's own very special appeal.

Dana Emilia Presents caters to better specialty stores and boutiques whose customer base consist of women who are comfortably individualistic.

Our collections are from all around the globe including lines that are made in America as well as European countries such as Turkey and Greece. The looks are timelessly stylish with an artistic flair offering enough versatility so that each boutique can create a statement  which best expresses their vision. 


Treat yourself! Visit us at our showroom, located at Brooklyn's Industry City. Industry City is a creative ecosystem of experiences, eateries, events and everything in between. You can also see us at an upcoming trade show or we can schedule a virtual meeting. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook and take a moment to preview our lines.  Please feel free contact us for more information.

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